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Dorset Home Choice

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Housing Options

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Help & FAQ

Help & FAQ

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Understanding the feedback reports

In each edition of the Dorset Home Choice property list there will be a Feedback page. The feedback contains details of the lettings that have taken place since the previous property list.

Date of Advert
This is the publication date of the property list that the advert appeared in.

Advert Reference
Combined with the property list issue date, this gives a unique identity to any advert appearing in the property list.

Property Type
This is simply a description of the property advertised.

This gives an indication of where the property is situated within the partnership.

This is the total number of bids that were made against the adverts by applicants.

Letting Information
This is the status of the successful applicant who bid for the property.

Example of feedback report that will appear in the property lists

Historical Feedback is also available for the last year.


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