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Help & FAQ

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Applying to join the Dorset Home Choice Housing Register

If you would like to apply to join the housing register please do so by clicking the link below. Please read the information below before starting the online application form.

Apply to join the housing register now

You will need the following information when you are completing this form:

1. The National Insurance numbers of any household members that you wish to include on the application that are over 16 years old.

2. Previous address details for yourself (and the joint applicant) for the last 5 years including details of your landlord.

3. Your current landlords name and address (if relevant).

4. Details of the local connection you have to the local authority area(s) that you are applying to.

5. Your contact details (such as your telephone numbers at work, home and mobile if you have them).

6. Names and dates of birth of all the people that you wish to be re-housed with you.

7. Details of any support you are receiving including who is providing the support, and how we can contact them.

8. Income, employment and savings information for the main applicant (and joint applicant if there is one) - it would be useful for you to have wage slips and benefits statements to hand for this section.

9. Details of any rent/mortgage arrears that you may have, including payments plans that you may have in place.

10. Details of any convictions that you may have.

11. Details of any medical conditions that you or someone included on the application has, including treatment/medicines being received and who is responsible for the treatment programme.

You can save the information that you have input to the application form at any time by clicking on the save button. You can also partially complete the form, save it and then come back and finish the form - just access the online form again using the link at the top of this page.

The form will 'time out' after approximately 30 minutes of inactivity - so please make sure to save the form regularly as you are completing it.

It is your responsibility to make sure that all the information on your application is correct when you apply, and updated later if anything changes e.g. a child is born, or someone leaves the household. You will be asked to confirm this as part of the submission process for the form.

Once you have completed the online form you will need to provide us with any necessary proofs. You can do this by sending photocopies of relevant documents to the lead authority that you have applied to labelling them with your reference number (provided when you have submitted your online form) and your surname.

If we rehouse you as a result of misleading information your new home is likely to be repossessed and you may be liable for a fine up to £5000.

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